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Amplify Your Brilliance

Oct 23, 2019

As Nicole celebrates her 50th birthday, in this episode she shares 50 life lessons she has learned along the way. You will hear insight, perspective, moments of shifting and a challenge she gives to every listener. At the end of this episode Nicole encourages you to take stock of your journey and to really take a moment of reflection on all that you have learned along the way no matter if you are in your 30's or in your 70's, she invites you to join her and celebrate your journey as you listen in to Nicole share her highlights from her own.




Time Stamps:

01:38 – “You have to give back more to YOU, so you have more to give” - Nicole Roberts Jones
01:44 – “Age is nothing but a number” - Nicole Roberts Jones
04:21 – “The things that you don’t use go to atrophy” - Nicole Roberts Jones
10:25 – “Don’t let fear stop you from going after your next level” - Nicole Roberts Jones
19:05 – “You have to admit when you’re wrong and fix it” - Nicole Roberts Jones