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Amplify Your Brilliance

Sep 18, 2019

Monalisa Johnson is not just an International TV Personality who recently appeared on Season 2 of the hit TV Show “60 Days In”, and UK’s “The Jail”, which aired on A&E. She regularly appears for TV interviews, radio talk shows, TEDx, and is sought after worldwide for advice on the prison family. She is the CEO & Executive Producer of Sierra Productions, a largely successful audio/video production company in New York City. In addition to this, she is also a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel, and a certified Life Coach. Monalisa Johnson has proven herself to be an exceptional and accomplished TV Personality, businesswoman, and visionary!

In the middle of running a successful production company, Monalisa’s life was completely knocked off course in 2012, when she received a call that changed EVERYTHING. This breakdown which she would later realize was the epiphany moment that led to her breakthrough and becoming the founder of Parents with Incarcerated Children.

On this episode, Monalisa shares her extraordinary awakening. During this conversation, she shares valuable insight on what it means to say YES to your true purpose even when it shifts your vision and every way you have ever seen your world.




Time Stamps:

  • 01:05 – Who is Monalisa Johnson?
  • 02:43 – How she was able to breakthrough from her breakdown
  • 04:07 – Monalisa saying YES in the face of fear
  • 04:55 – “If you listen to that guiding force, it will lead the way” – Monalisa Johnson
  • 07:31 – The call in August 2012 that changed her life
  • 12:51 – Her awakening
  • 15:02 – “In order to stay woke, I needed to do the work” – Monalisa Johnson
  • 16:31 – Her climb
  • 19:11 – Why she produced the TV series ‘Prisoner of Hope’
  • 23:36 – Three steps in living your purpose
  • 23:42 – “Align yourself with a great resounding YES!” – Monalisa Johnson