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Amplify Your Brilliance

Sep 25, 2019

Towanna Burrous is the President of CoachDiversity Institute, the world’s first coaching program specifically designed for diverse communities, preparing individuals, communities, and institutions for rapid demographic change and culturally-sound communication.

As a sought after executive coach and management consultant, Towanna is an innovative learning executive with comprehensive accomplishments applying industry-proven learning and training methodologies to inspire and develop forward-thinking and inclusive leaders in business, higher education, nonprofits, and government. She’s a successful entrepreneur, award-winner author, and public speaker backed by a 25+ year career in technology program management and business relationship development.

During the episode, Towanna shares her gap-finding story that reframed her entire career. She reveals the realizations that led her to shift her successful career and start down the coaching path. Listen to this episode and learn 3 powerful steps that will help you succeed in your business and build your own company.




Time Stamps:

  • 00:57 – Towanna’s introduction and background
  • 02:14 – What led her to coaching?
  • 04:16 – Growing her business while empowering coaches of color
  • 08:09 – “Coaching is a skill, not a profession” - Dr. Towanna Burrous
  • 10:57 – The difference between a coach and a counselor
  • 12:41 – Filling the Gap
  • 13:11 – The accountability that comes with coaching
  • 13:57 – “Every challenge has a different anchor to the past” - Dr. Towanna Burrous
  • 17:55 – Saying YES to be the one doing it first
  • 22:55 – 3 Steps that will help you succeed in your business
  • 27:40 – “It doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means not now” - Dr. Towanna Burrous
  • 33:05 – What’s next for CoachDiversity?