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Amplify Your Brilliance

Sep 2, 2020

Nicky Sparrow is a powerful example of living the “American Dream”. She is a gifted manager whose business instincts and clear vision in the field of broadcast marketing have been recognized. Nicky has rapidly demonstrated leadership skills to support the growth and improvement in several iHeart Media's properties.

Nicky began her career in the field of broadcast marketing in a small property in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1999, and she has been an unrelenting force ever since. Nicky’s early baby steps into the marketing business were followed by a 100-yard dash into iHeart Media (formally Clear Channel) management and sales to reach her current position as Market President of Jacksonville, FL. Since her time at iHeartMedia, she has served in the capacity of roles including as Senior Vice President of Sales in New Orleans, Director of Sales in Memphis and Tallahassee, and General Sales Manager in Jacksonville.

In this episode, Nicky shares her experience about being the only woman of color in a male-dominated industry. You will hear insight about what it really takes to build a successful career and learn about some of the defining moments in Nicky’s climb to the top. This conversation will inspire you and motivate you to make your own seat at the table.


Time Stamps:

  • 3:45 - Nicky’s climb to having a seat at the table in an industry that has very few women of color 
  • 8:19 - “Have your end in mind.” - Nicky Sparrow
  • 11:03 - How to stand out to the executives and climb the corporate ladder 
  • 11:21 - "Have your elevator speech, and make sure it's tied to the company's success." - Nicky Sparrow
  • 14:24 - Defining moments in Nicky’s career and how she has grown from them 
  • 20:04 - Words of wisdom for people who feel like they are facing discrimination 
  • 23:45 - “Sometimes I need to bring my own chair to get a seat at the table.” - Nicky Sparrow
  • 25:25 - How Nicky navigates being labeled as “angry” when she is passionate about something 
  • 28:00 - Advice Nicky has for a woman who is at the edge of her pivot