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Amplify Your Brilliance

Jul 1, 2020

As we enter into the 7th month of the year, 2020 has not gone like we planned.  We are in the middle of what some would say is a difficult season, and you can’t wait for it to end!  So for this episode, Nicole challenges you to let go of what you thought was supposed to be and move into what is. 

Listen in as Nicole shares what happens when you make this shift and the steps that can help you let go so that you can create your new normal. She gives you insight to continue to leverage your expertise, your knowledge, and experiences to change the world!


Time Stamps:

  • 00:47 - What is Amplifying Your Brilliance?
  • 01:33 - “Your comfort zone is where dreams go to die.” - Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 04:13 - The main message of the Book of Esther
  • 08:10 - Highlighting The Story of Esther
  • 10:22 - The main steps to creating a new ‘normal’ for yourself
  • 12:08 - “What we resist persists.” - Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 13:30 - Special episode summary & conclusion