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Amplify Your Brilliance

May 6, 2020

Robin Glasco is a transformational, dynamic leader that believes the status quo in healthcare is not sustainable. She has over 25 years of healthcare experience serving in numerous senior leadership accountability in strategic planning, innovation, business development, market strategy, and product development.

In this episode, Robin will share how she developed the courage to impact change in the healthcare industry. Find ways to live outside your comfort zone and align your purpose with your paycheck. Now, get ready to successfully embrace change in your own personal and professional life!


Time Stamps:

  • 01:03 - Robin’s introduction and background
  • 02:03 - Having the courage to impact the healthcare industry
  • 12:41 - Lettings go in order to move into your more
  • 15:25 - “I want to do for others what was done for me” - Robin Glasco
  • 19:43 - How to build trust equity with others
  • 21:57 - “I’m always going to be that voice for those that don’t have one” - Robin Glasco
  • 22:21 - Living outside of your comfort to reach massive success
  • 23:37 - Embracing change in your personal and professional life
  • 27:45 - “When you put your intention out there, and make it known, it comes back” - Robin Glasco
  • 29:35 - Best advice for those seeking out ultimate success