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Amplify Your Brilliance

Apr 1, 2020

Jacqui Conrad is the Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Public Relations where she oversees all of the communications, marketing, advertising, and events that promote, enhance and protect the college’s brand and messaging. She is responsible for the development, integration, and implementation of a broad range of public relations activities that support the strategic direction and positioning of the College as a pioneer in adult learning.

During this episode, Jacqui shares the big bold move she made to leave her steady income job at a moment when she knew in her gut that despite the fact that she was a single mom and a new home owner, she just had to say yes to the rumble inside of her. And it wasn’t just that time but every time she has made a significant life shifting decision ever since. Jacqui gives you insight into the strategic road map she used to ultimately reach beyond where she was into arenas she did not even know were possible. Her story will inspire you to find your own courage to say yes, be bold, and more into your MORE!


Time Stamps:

  • 01:05 - Jacqui’s introduction and background
  • 03:31 - Leaving a stable income job to start your own business
  • 07:43 - “The obstacles really become obsolete.” - Jacqui Conrad
  • 08:14 - How to find the courage to be bold
  • 13:37 - “It wasn’t even about me, it was about my son” - Jacqui Conrad
  • 15:33 - Insight into failure as a new entrepreneur
  • 18:23 - Say YES and move into your more!
  • 22:25 - The fear of disappointing others and perfectionism
  • 23:41 - “We are always more than enough because God doesn’t make mistakes” - Jacqui Conrad
  • 24:48 - Motivational words to help your through difficult times