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Amplify Your Brilliance

Mar 4, 2020

In this episode, Nicole Roberts Jones challenges you as we enter Women’s History month, to look at how you are living your life as a legacy in the making. How is your life a light for others to come behind you? Expect to be challenged to look deeply inside yourself for the answer.

As you listen, Nicole shares four steps you need to make a pivot to go after creating your own legacy as she encourages you to use these strategies to make both our ancestors proud and to create your own legacy so that you make YOUR mark in this world. It’s time to say YES and move into the next best version of you so that as you TRULY allow your light to shine, you allow others to come behind you, just as our ancestors have done before us.


Time Stamps:

  • 00:50 - Asking yourself a very powerful question
  • 05:53 - “How is your life a light for others to come behind you?” - Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 08:15 - How is your life and work a legacy in the making?
  • 09:30 - When Nicole realized her MORE
  • 14:00 - “You’re a legacy in the making!” - Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 17:34 - Four steps to say YES and move into your more
  • 18:03 - “God will let you live on whatever level you settle for.” - Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 20:58 - Can you go after your legacy alone?
  • 30:33 - Episode conclusion & inspiration to take action