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Amplify Your Brilliance

Sep 4, 2019

Over the last two seasons of The Fierce Files, we have focused on women who have transformed their lives and reached the pinnacle of success by saying yes to their gifts and moving into their MORE. In this new season, we are changing the name of the podcast to Amplify Your Brilliance in order to inspire and motivate women to not just accept God’s gift, but to expand that gift and let it SHINE!

During the episode, Nicole shares her own shining moment when she left her Hollywood dream to pursue her purpose. She also shares 3 insightful steps that will help you expand your territory and go abundantly above all you could wish or think! This is an inspiring episode that will bring out that inner light in you to shine even BRIGHTER - because that light IS what others need! You have the keys inside you to transform and it’s time to AMPLIFY it.




Time Stamps:

  • 00:59 – The reason behind the change
  • 03:09 – The biblical history of expanding one’s territory
  • 04:45 – “You have to let go of yesterday to move into tomorrow” – Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 05:12 – The definition of Amplify and Brilliance
  • 06:08 – Allowing your light to shine
  • 07:20 – “Your brilliance is the territory God has entrusted to you” – Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 10:02 – Nicole saying yes to her brilliance
  • 14:57 – Calling out women who are ready to shine
  • 17:10 – The purpose of Amplify Your Brilliance podcast
  • 17:40 – “The gift in you is the answer to somebody’s prayer” – Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 19:23 – Pushing past your limit
  • 23:10 – 3 steps in moving into your MORE
  • 28:17 – “There is nothing wrong with wanting more” – Nicole Roberts Jones