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Amplify Your Brilliance

Feb 27, 2019

Rashmi Airan is a keynote speaker and consultant determined to create organizational cultures focused on integrity, authenticity, and accountability. In addition to being a mother of two, Rashmi was a successful lawyer who graduated with honors from Columbia Law School. She utilizes her own experiences to share her human performance methodology, technique, and mindset that will catalyze leadership, growth, and stability in all organizations.

During this episode, Rashmi will share how she unexpectedly landed in prison and emerged with invaluable lessons learned both personally and professionally. Find out how you can come to a place of peace and courage once you give yourself the freedom to forgive. Most importantly, learn why you have a responsibility to share your inspiring story with others.




Time Stamps:

  • 02:48 - How Rashmi ended up in prison
  • 06:44 - Listening to your inner voice
  • 10:37 - “Recognize that we are not perfect beings” - @RashmiAiran
  • 14:05 - Starting life over after a six-month prison sentence
  • 17:22 - Developing courage from her parents
  • 20:14 - “Help others not make those same wrongs that you’ve already done” - @RashmiAiran
  • 22:46 - Living your life in transparency and true honesty
  • 23:47 - “I had to lose my freedom to gain complete freedom” - @RashmiAiran


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