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Amplify Your Brilliance

Apr 3, 2019

Pasha started her career in Direct Sales at the age of 23 and took a $500 investment and turned it into a Multi-Million dollar empire. Today, she is an industry legend and one of America's most famous and most influential Direct Sales Leaders, ranked in the top 15 Female Networkers In The World out of over 14 million women worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of people have already realized the power of Pasha's strategies through her coaching, writing, keynote speaking, and seminars. Pasha has developed several top-producing leaders, and she has helped countless people find their inner greatness.

In this episode, Pasha shares how she has built her empire in the face of difficult circumstances and the valuable lessons that failure has taught her. And how those lessons will be her legacy. Learn techniques to encompass the next level of success and what’s it’s like to build an empire alongside your spouse.




Time Stamps:

  • 00:51 - Pasha’s background and introduction
  • 02:45 - “You have to have a purpose and you have to change the world” - @PashaCarter
  • 03:17 - How standing in your truth can grow your business
  • 03:42 - “The more you fail the more you succeed” - @PashaCarter
  • 04:11 - Learning in the moments of failure
  • 07:25 - The dark times that make you want to quit
  • 11:50 - Having a successful working relationship with your spouse
  • 19:19 - Loving yourself and all your flaws
  • 22:51 - Realizing your failures are blessings
  • 24:15 - “I look at failures as blessings passed forward” - @PashaCarter
  • 25:38 - Being the best example for your kids


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