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Amplify Your Brilliance

Mar 27, 2019


Have you ever felt like you live 2 separate lives?  The one that everyone expects of you and another one you secretly yearn for? 

Then it’s time to set your alter ego free!  

During this episode, Nicole Roberts Jones shares what she calls living in your FIERCE!  Yes, despite how successful you already are there is another level of you dying to come out and Nicole gives you the strategy to go after it! Find out the three key ways to stand in ALL of you unapologetically.

Uncover your life's calling and live according to your FIERCE.


Time Stamps:

  • 01:16 - Reading book quotes and realizations from Michelle Obama
  • 05:00 - Beyonce and Sasha’s example of an alter ego
  • 06:05 - “Going after my FIERCE has been the greatest adventure of my life” - @NRobertsJones
  • 08:02 - Standing in all of you, unapologetically
  • 12:26 - Inspiration to go after your MORE
  • 12:27 - “Find the work that sets your soul on fire” - @NRobertsJones




Are You Ready To Go After Your MORE?