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Amplify Your Brilliance

Mar 20, 2019

Jen Gottlieb is the co-founder of Unfair Advantage Live, an event that gives ambitious entrepreneurs an all-access pass to the couple’s extensive circle of media contacts. Jen’s 14-season run as a co-host on VH1 and acclaimed starring role in a Broadway national tour has allowed her to teach others how to become the star of their own show. She helps aspiring business leader clients land spots on Entrepreneur, ABC, Inc Magazine, US News & World Report, Forbes, Fortune, and hundreds of other media outlets.

During this episode, Jen will help you listen when your destiny is calling. Learn to activate your mind, body, and soul to better align yourself with who you are meant to be. Find the courage to overcome the hard things you have to do to move forward with your life. Listen to the end for a simple yet effective morning routine that will kick start your day with immediate success.



Time Stamps:

  • 02:47 - Deciding to become a coach
  • 03:58 - “Parts of the lifestyle weren’t in alignment with me” - @JenniferLeahG
  • 06:33 - What they don’t tell you about entertainment
  • 08:51 - “I’m going to figure out a way to do it that works for me” - @JenniferLeahG
  • 09:24 - Having to courage to move forward
  • 11:21 - When your ideal life doesn’t go to plan
  • 14:42 - Bringing your energy to onstage conferences
  • 15:24 - “I work really really hard every day to make my life easy” - @JenniferLeahG
  • 16:26 - Jen explains her morning routine
  • 20:27 - Creating your own reality and the power of meditation
  • 24:14 - Realigning your life towards true purpose


Are You Ready To Go After Your MORE?