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Amplify Your Brilliance

Jan 16, 2019

During this episode, Caroline Clarke will share how to create a life by design and not by default. Work towards a passion driven desire that fulfills you as you get key insight into managing your work-life balance especially when you have reached the pinnacle of your success.

This transparent and honest conversation with Caroline will truly help you connect with who you are in order to live the life you desire and deserve!

Caroline Clarke is an award-winning journalist who has spent most of her career at the media company Black Enterprise, where she is currently Chief Brand Officer, Women of Power. Clarke co-founded the Women of Power brand in 2005. She is currently the host of the Women of Power TV show and editorial director of the Women of Power Summit, the nation’s largest annual conference targeting women-of- color executives.




Time Stamps:

  • 00:46 - Caroline's introduction and backstory
  • 02:14 - Identifying your first MORE experience
  • 05:02 - Living into a parents legacy
  • 09:18 - “Create a life by design not default” - @CarolineVClarke
  • 12:28 - Fulfilling others needs from a passion driven desire
  • 18:23 - “Start to be more competitive about wellness and self-care” - @CarolineVClarke
  • 19:43 - Managing your work-life balance and screen time
  • 23:41 - “It is so easy to have your productivity derailed by stuff that does matter but can’t matter every single second of the day” - @CarolineVClarke
  • 24:14 - How to live your life by design
  • 25:24 - “You can’t be intentional if you lack self-awareness” - @CarolineVClarke


Are You Ready To Go After Your MORE?