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Amplify Your Brilliance

Jun 19, 2019

Sophia A Nelson, Esq is an NBC NEWS CONTRIBUTOR, MSNBC Commentator, Award-Winning Journalist & Best-Selling Author. She engages audiences with her discerningly conservative, yet candidly independent perspective on the top political news of the day, and the importance of fostering inclusion in today’s cultural landscape.

During this episode, Sophia with share how to stay motivated and hungry for success. You’ll get key insights into the thoughts and emotion of a true to be a disruptor, understand how to honor yourself and know your value. Listen as Sophie speaks about her tragic past and how she overcame adversity. Learn how to live your most authentic life and go after your dreams like your life depends on it because one day, it might…




Time Stamps:

  • 03:12 - The moment Sophia knew there was MORE to do
  • 05:25 - Having difficult conversations with your family
  • 08:28 - Choosing to be the disruptor and overcoming adversity
  • 14:26 - Honor yourself and knowing your value
  • 16:28 - “I didn’t have a choice but to be independent” - Sophia A. Nelson
  • 20:14 - How to stay motivated and hungry
  • 25:57 - Looking back at your tragic past
  • 31:35 - Ways to live your most authentic life