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Amplify Your Brilliance

Jul 3, 2019

As Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer for Omnicom Group, Tiffany leads the strategy that enhances the Omnicom vision to be a world class, benchmark company for sustainable diversity and inclusion and aligning this critical practice with the company’s business objectives and clients’ results.

Tiffany is a talent strategist with 19+ years of championing diverse professionals in the advertising industry. She is a heart director, a passionate hope dealer, and a dream defender.

During this episode, Tiffany will share how she shifted into a fearless mindset and connected to her passion. You’ll learn how to live in your most authentic self despite those around you with opposing opinions. Realize your creative excellence and take a chance towards your dreams.

Be who you were born to be, unapologetically!




Time Stamps:

  • 01:18 - “Be the voice for the voiceless” - @DiverStar
  • 03:43 - Starting to connect to your passion
  • 07:19 - What makes Tiffany so fearless
  • 13:50 - “I’ve always been rewarded for my authenticity” - @DiverStar
  • 19:49 - Realizing your creative excellence
  • 26:45 - How to be who you were born to be, unapologetically
  • 31:04 - “Recognize when a gift is being given to you and take it” - @DiverStar


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