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Amplify Your Brilliance

Sep 1, 2021

"I Wanted To Use What I Had Been Uniquely Gifted With And Had In My Experience, To Help Other People" - Kailei Carr

Kailei Carr is the CEO and Founder of The Asbury Group, a transformational leadership development firm specializing in working with women of color. Her signature approach to leadership presence which is grounded in one's personal power and cultivated from the inside out has helped high potential leaders around the globe thrive and advance to the most senior ranks. When she’s not facilitating leadership development programs or speaking at conferences and corporations, Kailei can be found hosting her podcast, Beyond the Business Suit, which has more than 200 episodes and has been downloaded in 100 + countries

In this episode, Kailei Carr, the CEO, and Founder of The Asbury Group talks about unlocking the full potential God has put inside each of us and how she first discovered her gift of YES! Kailei shares her experience of learning how to level up and finding the leader within. Plus the challenges the past year has given and how we can use this time to focus on Being rather than Doing and connect with the truth!

"We Really Need To Take Care Of Our Spirit So That We Can Be And Not Get Caught Up In The Doing All The Time." - Kailei Carr


  • 1:44 How Kailei found her YES! to start her work with women
  • 7:07 "I wanted to use what I had been uniquely gifted with and had in my experience, to help other people" - Kailei Carr
  • 10:57 "We really need to take care of our spirit so that we can Be and not get caught up in the Doing all the time." - Kailei Carr
  • 11:59 Nicole's Be The Answer Event online to build your business
  • 13:49 Kailei's pivot past her comfort zone to level up her business
  • 22:21 Three tips from Kailei on how to say YES! to what you have inside of yourself
  • 24:55 "Courageously doesn't mean doing it without fear, it's doing it in spite of fear." - Kailei Carr

"Courageously Doesn't Mean Doing It Without Fear, It's Doing It In Spite Of Fear." - Kailei Carr