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Amplify Your Brilliance

Jul 7, 2021

"Even When Standing On The Truth And What You Believe God Is Telling You To Do, It Doesn't Come Unopposed" - Janice Anderson

Janice Anderson is CEO of Moruwa Consulting and is a speaker, trainer, and brand strategist. Janice and her team have created powerful strategies and products that equip leaders with the tools necessary to build, brand, and expand their vision.
Most recently, Janice answered her call to serve women in a more public way. Janice is the founder of Significant Life, a community designed to help women live, lead, and serve from an anchored place through

In this episode, I chat with Janice about how she was able to recognize when and how God was telling her to move forward into a new path and how you too can stand in your Truth without settling for less or allowing others to stop you.

"Leading With Christ, Shouldn't Mean I Settle For Less" - Janice Anderson

Time Stamps:

  • 2:20 How standing in her Truth, changed Janice's ability to say YES!
  • 2:44 "Even when standing on The Truth and what you believe God is telling you to do, It doesn't come unopposed" - Janice Anderson
  • 13:50 Brilliance Road map quiz with Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 15:34 "Leading with Christ, shouldn't mean I settle for less" - Janice Anderson
  • 18:17 Janice shares her "wake-up call" from God!
  • 22:36 "I was only limited by what I was willing to go and gather" - Janice Anderson

"I Was Only Limited By What I Was Willing To Go And Gather"  - Janice Anderson