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Amplify Your Brilliance

Nov 14, 2018

Valerie Rainford is head of Advancing Black Leaders & Diversity Advancement Strategies at JPMorgan Chase. Valerie executes the strategy to deliver an increased level of focus to attract, hire, retain and advance top black talent at all levels of the organization.

She dedicates her life to uplifting others by sharing her incredible story of perseverance.

During this episode, Valerie will share the practical steps and mindset it took to rise to her present position as a successful corporate executive. You’ll learn that it’s more than just to create a plan but to use your true passion and talent to move into your MORE. A new opportunity is waiting for you behind the next door you open! Are you ready for it?!




Time Stamps:

  • 04:42 - Getting the courage to tell your story
  • 11:12 - “The door may close in your face but there is another that will open” - Valerie Rainford
  • 16:13 - Finding your talent and opportunity to use it
  • 18:45 - “Write your future bio” - Valerie Rainford
  • 20:34 - Having a plan to move into your MORE
  • 24:41 - “I was not making enough time for myself” - Valerie Rainford
  • 28:02 - Achieving your dream life
  • 31:06 - “You have to find that thing that picks you up when the world takes you down” - Valerie Rainford


Are You Ready To Go After Your MORE?